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For Financiers

River Bend Pictures expands an investor or financier's horizons by offering privileged access to the strongest projects being assembled by US producers, agencies, and emerging filmmaking talent. Now more than ever there are fewer quality film projects worth serious attention than there are potential investors. The key to making critically and financially sound investments lies in having access and guidance within the crowded and misleading world of US filmmaking talent.

For New and Existing Companies
River Bend Pictures also provides analytical and consulting services for start up companies looking to become part of the filmmaking community, develop business plans, and raise equity. Also, for existing companies, River Bend Pictures will assist those looking to expand their horizons by raising capital, allowing them to own and control more of their projects, leverage better studio deals and get more films into production.

River Bend Pictures will analyze and consult on the marketability of business plans, film funds, PPM's and any other fund raising mechanism giving your company, investor or financier the information needed in order to best realize your fund raising goals or investment opportunity.

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